Iron Man 3 Review

I went with my family today to see Iron Man 3 and I loved it.  We get lots of Tony Stark, Pepper has a couple chances to be awesome, Brody gets to be a much bigger help than ever before, and the action was intense!  The new characters were also great and there’s lots of good interactions between everyone.
This movie is more character and action driven than it is story/plot driven, so there are some missing details that would help things make sense, but not enough for me to find it concerning.  Enough was hinted at that I was able to fill in the blanks, but it bothered my husband.
And after all of the movies, including Avengers, Tony is still finding ways to grow and be a better person.  He’s even more lovable by the end of this movie.
Overall, Iron Man 3 was a fun, action-packed film that I greatly enjoyed.  Iron Man is still my favorite of the series so far, but Iron Man 3 is just after it.  I give it four and a half stars out of five.

And you have to wait until the end of the credits.  The hidden scene at the end almost tops the shwarma one at the end of the Avengers.

I’ve decided I’m going to give reviews on movies, games, and books on here whenever I finish one and feel like it.  If there’s anything you want me to pay attention to or things you think could help me improve my reviews and make them more helpful, please let me know so that I can think about it and improve.  🙂

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