Monsters University Review

I went and saw Pixar’s new movie Monsters University recently, and I have to say it’s amazingly good. The characters are deep, the action fun and exciting, and there’s plenty of humor to go around.  It doesn’t have the same feeling as Monsters Inc.  It’s very different, but I guess that should be expected from a story about two guys becoming friends instead of trying to send a little girl home.  It’s fun to see how Mike and Sully’s personalities grew and changed from when they were in college compared to when they were working at Monsters Incorporated.

This movie has a ton of new, cool monster designs and beautiful textures.  I’m amazed at how some monsters managed to look scary when their designs were all cute and cuddly.

Mike Wazowski gets to shine in this movie, and Sully doesn’t do too shabby either.  There are plenty of nods to the first movie and some things are explained or connected to the other one.

Overall, Monster’s University is just as good, if not better than, Monster’s Inc.  Go watch it!  It’s awesome!  Five out of five stars!

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