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My life has been a little crazy the past while. I started a Mary Kay business, got swamped at work (I work at the LDS motion picture studio in Provo,UT, right now), found a snail to keep as a pet, continue to run a dungeons and dragons-esque campaign, struggled to find time to write on my novel(s) and work on art, and had to deal with the stress of dealing with my dad going to the hospital with a perforated bowel and high chance of death. He survived just fine and is now recovering. Next week looks like it’s going to be my first normal week in a while.

Along with that normal week I hope to get back on top of being productive on all the things important to me like writing my stories and drawing my comics. I also want to get back to blogging, so keep an eye on me here and chastise me if I fail to post at least a sentence every day. We’ll make it through together!

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