Animals at Work – Animal Adventures with Andrea

So, like I’ve mentioned, I work at the LDS Motion Picture Studio.  One thing that’s cool about it is that it’s set back behind some businesses in a little forest in the middle of town, so when you turn into the drive it looks like you’re definitely in the wrong place.  Since it’s in this little forest there is wildlife that I’ve had the opportunity to glimpse.  Often deer walk past, and I’ve stumbled onto a Yellow-bellied Whistling Marmot (the only species of marmot outside of Alaska), and seen foxes.  It’s been pretty cool.

There was one time I went on a break to talk to a friend on my phone and sat outside on one of the permanent sets.  After sitting there for a while a fox came trotting out of the woods on the other side of the set.  She was far away, but she stopped and stared at me while her three kits came bouncing out behind her.  The kits bounced back into the forest out of sight, but the mother stood and watched me the entire time I sat and chatted for a good thirty minutes.  When I finished, I decided to walk in her direction to see what she would do.  When I got within thirty feet she gave out a raspy bark and trotted away, stopping at the edge of the forest to watch me leave.  She never took her eyes off me.

Another time I wandered around the permanent set I found a dove trapped in a cage outside.  The cage was built of boards and chicken wire and hadn’t been there more than a few weeks.  I’m still not sure what it’s for, it’s always empty, but the door was open about a foot and the dove couldn’t find the way out.  I got inside and managed to catch it, took some reference pictures of its eye with my phone (I didn’t realize collared doves had pretty green and blue skin there), and since it got a bad scratch on its forehead from flying into the wire I took it inside to show my coworkers and get it treated before I let it go.

There’s also a mother deer and two fawns I’ve had the pleasure of watching grow up.  I don’t see them often, but I saw them this week.  The fawns have gone from little jumpy orange spotted things to adults with hints of their baby spots still showing on their coats.  For a while I wondered if one of the fawns died since I’d only seen one for a few months, but now I know it’s safe and well and I feel glad.  I walked past them and the mother watched me go by.  Usually they run away, but I guess since I was going on a perpendicular path she tolerated me getting within ten feet of her, but she did watch me very hard.

I love getting to see wildlife on an almost regular basis.  I wish I lived someplace where I could see it more often, but for now working at the studio will suffice.

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