Review – Ender’s Game Movie

Went and saw Ender’s Game with my family today.  I remember reading the book back in high school and having mixed feelings about it.  I loved the concept, but hated some of the characters and things Orson Scott Card chose to put in.  It’s definitely NOT a children’s book.  If I read it now I might have a different opinion, but I have no desire to read it again except to see how Card manages to write so well and what I can learn from him and to see what I would think of it now that I’m an adult and replace the bad memories with good ones.  The only things I remember from it were the things I don’t want to remember.  So, we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll read the whole series someday, but maybe not.

However, since I did love the concept so much, I was hopeful for the movie and figured I would like it much better than the book.  I wasn’t disappointed. Ender’s Game is a fantastic movie.  None of the stuff I hated from the book made it to the movie, and all of the good stuff did.  In fact, I wish the movie was longer so that we could experience more of the battle school stuff.  That was the most interesting to me in the book and covered so many interesting ideas and strategies and is where the most character bonding happens, which is always my favorite part.  The movie did a great job of covering it, but since it wasn’t longer a lot had to get cut out.  It felt a little rushed in spots due to this and like we lost time, but they managed to keep everything making sense.  Beautiful effects and heart-touching themes.  I give Ender’s Game four and a half out of five stars.

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