baby snails

So remember how I said that Gandalf laid eggs and that the second batch hatched? Well, they dug themselves out the night of november 6 and explored everywhere they could. Some of them even found holes in the container they could get through and I found four of them sleeping on the outside when I went to give Gandalf fresh water in the morning. I spent a good fifteen minutes taking pictures of them and taping sheer fabric to the outside of the lid to keep them safe and where they belong.

About a week later I released them into the wild and counted them. He had about fifty little children. Two died since the lid crushed them. I had tucked the fabric in the lid and they liked to sleep on it, and no matter how careful I was putting it all back together, it wasn’t careful enough. I kept one baby and named him Radagast so I could watch him grow up.

I have taken away all the eggs he laid since, but he managed to sneak some past me and I found twenty five baby snails in there with him Saturday night. Now I understand why people advise you change out the dirt in the habitat so often.

I took pics of the first batch. I’ll post them some time soon.

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