i got a haircut

So, I got my hair cut at the start of summer.  I went from sporting a pony-tail to a short a-line cut with layers.  I think it looks pretty cool and I like it.

When I got it cut the last time, they asked me if I wanted to leave with it curly or straight.  Since I hate spending time on my hair, and I don’t know how to do anything with it other than a pony-tail anyway, I said to straighten it because I would never take the time to do it myself and I wanted to see the result.  Well, I’ve had people straighten my hair before, but it always came out poofy and just looking like straightened curly hair.  These people knew what they were doing, though, and I came away with legit-straight-looking hair.  My husband didn’t recognize me when I met him later in the day.  He had to do a double take.  🙂  That was funny to watch.

While my hair looked great and I got a lot of compliments, it wasn’t very me and I couldn’t stand how it felt and got in my face all the time.  Hair in my face drives me bonkers.  So I showered the next morning and got my curls back.  Since the straight hair will never happen again until I cave and let someone play with it, I got out my camera and took a bunch of reference pictures.  I’ll share them with you here.


See, my hair’s naturally curly. This’ how it looked after a couple days of recovering from the torture of straightening. It looks even better now. I should take another picture.


And ta-da! Straight hair!


It’s hard to get good under-side hair-cut pics, so I made sure to take one.

Hair002 Hair003 Hair005 Hair006 Hair007 Hair008 Hair009

There you go!  Proof that I got my hair perfectly straight once.  It will probably never happen again.

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  1. Megan says:

    That is some professional straightening right thar! And definitely makes you look different, and definitely takes a lot of time.
    But, when you need a disguise, straightening the hair is the first thing, then no one will recognize you

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