childhood monster re-discovered

Thank you internet!

For some reason last week I remembered something from a TV show that scared me when I was four. I couldn’t remember the name of the show, of course, and could only remember vague details about the show’s premise. Some group of kids that hung out and solved mysteries. (No, not Scooby Doo.) When I got home to an internet machine I went to Google and searched the images for “raisin monster purple children’s show.” There, amongst pictures of the Raisins and other random nonsense, stared the monster that made such a big impression on my tiny child mind. I had a name for him at last.

His name is Gooey Gus from the last four episodes of the pbs show Ghostwriter. A mascot toy for a chewing gum companycompany in the show. He shoots too out of his mouth that becomes grape bubble gum and he’s ugly. That’s not what scared me about him, though ¬†What scared me was that it seemed like Gus really was coming alive outside the kid’s story. I can’t remember if I ever saw the last episode where they dumped vegetable oil on him and saved the day by melting him, or ended it with him attacking at the party outside the story and then seeing the whole Ghostwriter team turn around and say “Gotcha!” Maybe that’s part of why he scared me so bad. Just like the Big Bad Wolf in those “nice”fairy tails where the pigs don’t boil him to death and was still out there and could try to eat the pigs again, Gooey Gus could still go after the Ghostwriter team.

I watched one of the episodes the other night to see if it could still scare me. Turns out the show was super lame. Slow and boring. Growing up makes a big difference.

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