Hi ya!  It’s time for my long-promised post of baby snail pictures.


First is a picture of Gandalf next to his recently hatched babies and the next batch of eggs for size-ratio reference.


Some baby snails in better light so you can see how transparent they are!


There were a lot of them, and they clustered.


Up closer. Look at his little glassy eye-stalk!


Now a baby by the eggs so you can see how big they got in the two weeks they stayed underground. It took them that long to come out after hatching.


In silhouette, also size reference to my thumb.


They catch the light really well. 🙂


Gandalf peeking around outside of his container.


And hiding from soemthing.


Waltz loves having pet snails. Well, he cares less about the snails and more about the smells the dirt, plants, and the snail poops make. Snails just get a passing sniff, put the rest need to be deeply inhaled and inspected.

There!  All caught up on snail pictures for the moment.  They’ve been spending a lot of time sleeping this winter.  It’s hibernating time, but they still get up every once in a while if there’s food around, and sometimes just to stretch.  I like how low maintenance they are as pets. 🙂

0 thoughts on “snaaaaiiiiiiils

    • Oddstuffs says:

      I found him in my parent’s backyard. I feed him lettuce and random weeds. He really likes sunflower leaves and this dandelion-ish weed, but won’t touch grass or celery.
      I tried keeping a snail in a jar once back five years ago… I killed it, so you’re not alone. I think it suffocated. They need air, water, and food.

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