wander at work


I like to wander around at work.  About a month ago the guys were all excited about some baby deer that had been born a couple days before.  I went out to see if they were near, but they’d left.  I did find a snake, though.  And then I proceeded to wander the forest.


Look at the pretty snake! It’s a western terrestrial garter snake.


He held still until I tried to catch him. Then he zipped away.


Something made fluffy seed snow all over.


That tree was the culprit of the fluffy seed snow.


More fluffy seed snow.


One of the cabins on set. I liked how it looked with the wildflowers.


That is one TALL thistle.


Daisy things! Flowers, flowers everywhere.


And on my way wandering back inside I found a deer. She watched me as I wandered by.

I love all the wildlife and nature that surrounds my workplace!  I’m very blessed to have that job.

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