PE for adults.

Yesterday I went to Gold’s Gym to meet with a personal trainer.  I met the head trainer and he gave me some test to do so he could figure out who would be the best trainer for me.  First he had me go to the bench press.  I started with the bar (45 pounds).  Then he added weight, then added some more.  I ended up benching 75 pounds!  Then we went to the leg press.  I have no idea what weight it started at, but I could do it with no problem.  He added more weight, and it got super heavy.  My alarmed expression amused him as he told me he would then add even MORE weight.  He said I had two options, to either let it fall, or not.  I shouldn’t worry about getting injured, because he was there to prevent that.

That last press felt like my legs would break.  I pushed as hard as I could and felt like I couldn’t push anymore, but somehow I did.  I thought he’d stepped in and helped me make the last bit, but apparently he’d only put his hand there to catch it if my legs failed.  It was all me.  I leg pressed 275 pounds.

He wants me able to leg press 400 a year from now.  I think that sounds like an awesome idea.

And today my legs hurt.

So I signed up for a personal trainer so that I can balance out my muscles and have tighter form, more agility, and build strength.

Training for the win!

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