Student Academy Awards 2014 – June 7

Hey!  So this year my hubby graduated from college in animation at BYU.  He worked hard on the senior short film project called “Owned” and the students submitted it to a lot of different animation competitions.  Around graduation time we learned that “Owned” got first place at the Student Emmys, but my husband chose to be home and do the graduation thing with all the family instead of going to that event.  Later we found out that “Owned” got chosen to win a Student Academy Award.  He wanted to go to that one, and he took me along to Hollywood with him.  We drove down in one day, missed a turn thanks to the new Google Maps setup, and almost ended up in Mexico, but I figured it out and read the map to get us back on track.

Woke up the next morning and found a place to eat.  I wanted yummy food since I felt a little cranky, so I made sure to pick a place with good reviews.  We got lost on the streets again due to some hidden steps in the Google Maps setup and had to go back and find out what they were.  (Maybe we should get smart phones one of these days.)  After that we found the place okay.  The restaurant I chose is called the Larchmont Bungalow.  It did have some yummy food, and was very popular.


This is where we ate breakfast.


It was nice and cozy on the inside with tons of seating outside.


And they were nice and efficient and had buzzers! You sat down at the table and they found you to give you your food via your buzzer.


I got the pancakes and french toast with fruit. SO TASTY. It was one of the few breakfast things that did not include alcohol seeped fruits. They had lots of alcohol things on the menu, but this was clean.


Pretty and yummy fruits on my breakfast! I’d never had blackberries with a breakfast thing before. So good.

After breakfast at almost lunch-time, we then went to wander the Hollywood Boulevard walk of the stars.  It’s hard to find parking, but we managed to find a meter.


I’d never seen a parking meter with a credit card slot before.


Hey look, it’s Dr. Seuss! I took pictures of the stars I knew/related with, but I figured I’d post the one of Dr. Seuss since he relates to both of the fields I work in, writing and art.

After getting accosted by many tour guides for van tours, we wandered back to the hotel via the local Kroger grocer.  It’s called Ralph’s there.  It felt small and dark compared to the ones I’m used to in Kansas and Utah.  Tightly packed.  I bought food for breakfast and the ride home on Sunday.  I need breakfast.

Then we hung out for an hour or so more before wandering off to Director’s Guild of America building to wait for the event.


My hubby thought it was so cool that we got to park in this exclusive special parking garage. He had to take a picture.


Waiting for the awards to start. They had a cool animation thing saying the name looping over and over. I snagged a pic of the complete title.

It was a pretty cool event.  Lots of nice clothes.  Lots of awesome films.  All those kids worked super hard.  Then they made an announcement… BYU got first place!  They got an Oscar!  Yay!


They did it! They got first place in the animation category!


Dan Clark and Wesley Tippets on stage getting their Oscars.


Wesley and Dan took turns giving the acceptance speech.


See? Now it’s Dan’s turn.


And here we are standing in front of one of the Oscar statues! Doesn’t he look so proud? I’m proud of him. 🙂

After the event we visited one of the other animation student’s who had an internship in the area and hung out and ate pizza.  We played Cards Against Humanity.  My first time playing it, and I have to say that I personally didn’t like it, but they had a blast.  If you’re going to play that game, you should do it with animation majors.  They are zany.

Went home after church the next day.  Overall a very eventful trip, even if my description might be a little boring.  *shrug*  But hey, pictures!  And they won!  Yaaaaay!

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