2014 in Review

Let’s see, 2014.  It was a pretty good year.  My hubby graduated, I worked, hubby got a job at my work, then I took a break from working to write.  We had good times with friends.  Lots of ideas were thought of, over fifty-thousand words written, and some doodles were drawn.  I learned a little on how to throw knives, and I’ve learned a lot about H.E.M.A. (Historical European Martial Arts) and wielding a long sword.  I sewed a few things and learned how to do a byzantine chain mail weave.  I attended the two Salt Lake Comic Cons.  We went to visit the hubby’s family back in Kansas.  Much fun was had.

Next year, however, I want to do more.  More I say!  More productivity!  More books written and read!  More fun!  More art drawn!  More blog posts!  Comics done!  Exercise!  Get a belt in the long sword!  So much to do!  I should sit down and make a comprehensive list before 2015 happens.

I won’t give specifics on my goals just yet, but 2015 will be a very productive, fantastic, amazing year!

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