A Cup of Valentine’s Sugar

Valentine’s has never been a big holiday for me or my husband.  Our very first Valentine’s together as significant others was during the school week and we had big projects to do in our 3D Art class, I think it was the wearable art project.  We worked on our homework that night.  On that project we learned that Wal-Mart can run out of elmer’s glue by two in the morning, at least when a project requiring lots of glue is going on at a college.  We went on our little Valentine’s date on the weekend after we finished the project.  He also bought me a discount rose from the day-after sale.  I still have the little tall square vase it came in.

Since then we haven’t done much.  It’s just another day of the week, but sometimes we would go out for dinner.  This year I went to LTUE (Life,The Universe, and Everything) a writing conference in Provo.  I signed up for it and realized later that it occurred on Valentine’s day.  I didn’t think much of it since Valentine’s hasn’t been a big deal.

I’ve been wanting a Pyrex glass 1C measure since my Anchor one is loosing all its markings from getting washed for five years. My Pyrex 8C measure gets used almost as much as that little Anchor one and isn’t losing any of its markings.  My hubby doesn’t like spending money unnecessarily, so I figured he wouldn’t want to get a new 1C measure when I have one that still functions.

I came home from LTUE and found a towel & ribbon wrapped package on the banister.  Inside was my new glass measure cup with a ziploc baggie of sugar in it.  He got me a cup of sugar for Valentine’s day!  I thought that was super cute and I felt very loved that he got me something even though I didn’t quite need it yet.  I love him!

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