A Laundry Mystery

Soooo, I was trying to figure out why my sheets weren’t getting dry in my parent’s dryer.  This morning I ran my new sheets through my washer and then remembered Dad wants me to use their dryer because he realized my dryer vent is venting to someplace inside the house instead of outside like it’s supposed to.  So I ran up and stuck them in their dryer as I left for church.  Upon arriving back home I discovered the sheets still wet.  I figured they’d just gotten too tangled up, so I pulled them apart and stuck the fitted sheet back in.  Once the machine finished the sheet remained wet.  This confused me.  It was evenly damp.  No part had dried at all.  Was the machine broken?  I asked my parents and they gave suggestions, so I stuck it back in and changed the settings.  Then, as I watched my cat watch the machine start up with anxious curiosity (he’s not allowed upstairs without an escort), it dawned on me.  That was the washing machine, not the dryer.


So now my new top sheet and pillowcases have been washed twice, and the fitted sheet thrice.

They’re all in the dryer now.

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