WIFYR 2015

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things now that WIFYR is over. ¬†However, I got called back in to that freelance gig for a couple more weeks. ¬†I agreed since I know it's very close to done, but it does postpone my ability to be a full-time comic artist and author. ¬†I … Continue reading WIFYR 2015

A Laundry Mystery

Soooo, I was trying to figure out why my sheets weren't getting dry in my parent's dryer. ¬†This morning I ran my new sheets through my washer and then remembered Dad wants me¬†to use their dryer because he realized my¬†dryer vent is venting to someplace inside the house instead of outside like it's supposed to. … Continue reading A Laundry Mystery