WIFYR 2015

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things now that WIFYR is over.  However, I got called back in to that freelance gig for a couple more weeks.  I agreed since I know it's very close to done, but it does postpone my ability to be a full-time comic artist and author.  I … Continue reading WIFYR 2015

A Laundry Mystery

Soooo, I was trying to figure out why my sheets weren't getting dry in my parent's dryer.  This morning I ran my new sheets through my washer and then remembered Dad wants me to use their dryer because he realized my dryer vent is venting to someplace inside the house instead of outside like it's supposed to. … Continue reading A Laundry Mystery


Phew!  Wow.  A month flew by, didn't it?  Well, it did for me. I got a freelance VFX compositing job this month and have been working on that along with taking care of friend drama.  I got overwhelmed and behind on everything at home, but at least I still managed to write.  I get to commute … Continue reading Hiiiiiii