today in the life of me

I got a spiffing awesome new camera for Christmas, a red canon power shot SX170 IS, and today I took it to work with me so I could wander through the woods and see what I could find to take pictures of. I found a few birds and two lovely paper wasp nests.

While I wandered I followed some animal tracks through the snow away from the people paths. Much ducking and getting caught in branches happened, and when I went to take some more pictures I realized thethe shuttery lenses cover thing was missing. The front of my camera looked skeletal with just the small middle pieces remaining.

So then my twenty minute nature walk turned into an hour search for those black bits in the snow. I found them, though! My camera looks good as new.

Lesson for today: silly modern cameras have flimsy lenses covers. Put cameras away when finangaling through nature.