Springtime Wander #3

May 30, 2014.

I went for another wander at work when the wildflowers were blooming bright.  So many flowers!


I like how these flowers come in three colors. White, light purple, and purple.


Box Elder Bugs at various stages of life. We had a ton of these all over. They get inside the building all the time, and you can even find them inside in the middle of winter.


Old rusted farm equipment in the tall grass.


An old barn set piece in the background.


And now one with the mountains in the background. I’m under the shade of some trees.


I think this one’s better. Mountains, clouds, and you can see all of the toothy arm. Much better composition, but not as many flowers.


The farm equipment has some cool shapes.


Lookie, a bee! They’re hard to get decent shots of. They move around too much.


I love the contrast of fresh living flowers next to old rusted unused equipment.


And a little Box Elder Bug. He’s kind of blurry, but it’s a very nice shadow of the flower around him.


Depth of field! And lichen.


More of the same. I like the wheels.


A row of old workers sitting in flowers as they rest.


This little batch of purple flowers had some fuchsia to it.


The little fake well.


An even darker purple.


Another almost decent picture of a bee. There were a couple little bumbles with red stripes, but I could never catch them with the camera.


Wild carpet rose.


Another blossom on the wild carpet rose. This plant guards the way to my favorite deer trail on the property.


On that hidden deer trail there are these plants with gigantic leaves. My foot is hiding in the bottom of the picture for size comparison.


I think these flowers are related to the white and purple one, but they’re droopy and pink instead of perky and purple. Slightly different, but still pretty.


Deer tracks by tire tracks on the gravel part of the parking lot.


Close up of a deer track.


Partial Solar Eclipse – Oct. 23, 2014

Oh!  Dudes!  I totally forgot about making a solar eclipse post!  Well, I took pictures, so I gotta post about it.

October 23rd was an ordinary day until one of my coworkers mentioned there would be a partial solar eclipse that afternoon.  I got all excited.  I’ve had the chance to witness a couple partial solar eclipses in my life, but never had the proper equipment to do it with.  Sure, when I was younger we did the box with a paper and pinhole, but in my opinion it didn’t work.  I didn’t know how we would manage to see this one, until that same coworker mentioned going to the prop shop and borrowing the dark glass out of the welder’s helmets.  It protects their eyes from white hot flame, so it should work for the sun, right?

We ran over to the shop and grabbed two pieces of the glass.  Other people had the same idea and had almost wiped the guy out of his stock of them, but there was enough left for us.  We checked the sun at that point to make sure we weren’t missing anything since the timing was ambiguous on the internet sites we checked earlier.  Nothing had happened yet, so we were good.

When the time arrived, about 3:30, we gathered the guys in the main VFX room and all went out to get a look at the solar eclipse.


Here’s a bunch of us at work gathered around looking through the welder’s glass.  My hubby’s the one in front holding the glass.


Selfie of me looking at the sun.

We could see the eclipse fantastically with those welder’s shields.  In fact, we could see it so well some of the guys started trying to take pictures of it with their phones through the glass and their cameras.  Most of them weren’t terribly successful, but they inspired me to run grab my camera and do the same.



Here’s what it looked like with the auto settings. Doesn’t look like much.


Here it is at the manual settings with speed 1/200. Much better!

Well, eclipses aren’t speedy things, so we wandered back inside for a while.  I came back out later when the eclipse was at its peak and took more pictures.


This is what it looked like at about 4:24.


I didn’t like the glow and realized I could up my speed even further on my camera, so I tried again. This is speed 1/1,250. And hey, what’s that dark thing we see? I zoomed in all the way for another picture.


Hey look! Sunspots! How cool is that? I love my camera.

I have now decided that no eclipse should go unseen in my life, and I need some of that welder’s glass for myself.  My children and friends will get to see eclipses in style!


Winter Wander #2 – January 30, 2014

It was snowing that day, so I wanted to get pics of fresh powder.  So I wandered out of work with my camera.  🙂


The random teeter-totter at work.


Snow, berries, and branches. I like the colors in this one.


Trying to be a bit more abstract. Could use some editing.


My footprint! At this point the snow in the forest was borderline, trying to decide whether to be snow or slush. With each step I applied some friction to help it choose.


It’s like a mini cave!


I tried to get lots of reference and texture pictures of the tree back. The dampness brought out the colors in a pleasing fashion.


It’s like a ghost of a leaf.


One of the steps leading to a building on the set. I like the composition.


It’s trapped!


A sign for the inn in Kirtland on the set.


Snow! It’s falling from the sky!


It’s almost like being in a Little House on the Prairie story.


Mandatory foot picture.


Peeking through branches. I suppose this could use some cropping.


A hidden gravestone prop.


Springtime Wander #2 – May 2, 2014

Here, have some more pictures from when I wandered around work in the spring time:


Ah-ha! Caught you, little bee! They almost never sit still long enough for me to snag a decent pic.


I love the contrast of the rusting old farm equipment by brilliant new flowers.


Rusty old stuff is cool.


Perspective? What are the toothy things for, anyway?


Nature will eat your civilization!


Grass and spokes.


Flower photobomb.


Hey look, there’s mountains in the distance.


I like that rusty bar. That’s a very nice rusty bar. And you can see more of the Kirtland/Navoo set in this one.


Some kind of little pink flower. Makes me think of chives or onions. Anyone know what this is?

Winter Wander & Clouds

January 10, 2014. It snows in Utah.  I went for a walk to use my new camera.  This is the wander I lost my lens cover on.


A little black-capped chickadee in a tree.


Drainage pipe. Half-covered by the chain-link fence. This is a stream during the summer.


A bend in the dry stream bed.


Leaf in snow.


The Provo River.


Paper wasp nest!


I like how the log made a little cave in the snow.


I like the pattern the branches and leaves make in the snow.


Winter selfie. I’d lost my lens cover by this point, but somehow didn’t notice when I took this picture.




Red berries and a fake well. What a pretty composition.

After that last picture I realized I’d lost my lens cover and spent an hour tromping back and forth over my tracks to find it.  Which I did.  Phew.


Now these next pictures come from Jan. 27 as my husband drove us down to Provo in the morning for work and school.  I liked how the smoggy atmosphere was messing with the light.


So much atmospheric perspective. Thank you pollution.  (bleargh.)




More haze.


A big sky full of little clouds.


Glowing texture in the sky!


A river bed in the sky.


And then on the other side of the valley, we have the little flat, smudge tool clouds. Worn-out circles of moisture.


And the factory belches.

Springtime Wander

Ok!  Let’s have another review post!  This past spring I wandered around at work and took a bunch of pictures of the flowers and fruit trees.  So many pretty flowers!  Here, I’ll share some with you.  I took this walk on April, 8 2014.


Apple blossoms! I think.


More blossoms.


There’s a bee in this one.


I like the funny shape of this shelf fungus on the tiny branch.


Some cool lichen on a branch. I want to take a picture like this and paint something like a fairy in it sometime.


Baby plants peeking up through the soil.


Sproutling from another angle.


And a pretty purple flower. These are grape hyacinths.

wander at work


I like to wander around at work.  About a month ago the guys were all excited about some baby deer that had been born a couple days before.  I went out to see if they were near, but they’d left.  I did find a snake, though.  And then I proceeded to wander the forest.


Look at the pretty snake! It’s a western terrestrial garter snake.


He held still until I tried to catch him. Then he zipped away.


Something made fluffy seed snow all over.


That tree was the culprit of the fluffy seed snow.


More fluffy seed snow.


One of the cabins on set. I liked how it looked with the wildflowers.


That is one TALL thistle.


Daisy things! Flowers, flowers everywhere.


And on my way wandering back inside I found a deer. She watched me as I wandered by.

I love all the wildlife and nature that surrounds my workplace!  I’m very blessed to have that job.

QWOPing at Work

Today at work the guys discovered the online game QWOP.  Productivity ceased for a good ten minutes.  Everyone gathered around one desk and cheered away as someone tried to move the little guy forward and fell all over the place.  Now they’re all using it as a random distraction and shouting out how far they made it every once in a while.

They are so funny.  🙂  I love them.

lurking kitty


There’s a black long-haired cat hanging around at the motion picture studio.  I’ve run into it a few times while wandering around, although I see the deer more often.  A few weeks ago I managed to get a decent picture.  This kitty likes to hide.  It doesn’t like people, so this is as close as I can get.
IMG_0004And there.  A fitting picture of a black cat for Friday the thirteenth.  😀


i caught a deer on camera!


So, I’ve told you about how there are animals all around at my work since it’s in the middle of a little foresty-park thing.  For Christmas I got a new camera with a nice zoom.  I like zoom and macro.  Lots.

Anyways, I take the camera with me whenever I go for a walk at work when I remember to take it to work in the first place.  I always look out for the deer or any other wildlife I can spot.  California quail, robins, the stray black cat, other random birds, foxes, apparently there’s a beaver around somewhere, and the deer.  I’ve been wanting to get a picture of the deer, but they don’t like to hold still or be in your line of sight.  However, I ran across one and we stared at each other for a while.  I already had my camera out, so I turned it on and snapped pictures.  Take picture, step closer, take more pictures, step closer again.  Third step and the deer ran off.

Here’s one of the pictures I took.  It only looks so close thanks to my nice zoom.  I was maybe twenty feet away.


Ta-da! Deer!

Cool, huh?  I can’t wait to go get more pictures of them!  Maybe I can get some pictures of the fawns when they start wandering around.  🙂  That would be fun.