So, I live in Canada now.

Wow. It’s been a while, and things have changed! I went from living in my parents basement with my husband, a cat, and a snail, to living in a 3rd floor apartment in Montreal, Canada, with my husband, 2 cats, and no snail.

Sadly, I had to leave Gandalf behind. It’s illegal for snails to cross state borders without an education permit, let alone international borders. They’re considered agricultural pests. I released him out into the nearby wilderness between neighborhoods.


I put him under a sunflower. Those are his favorite.

As we were moving in we met a nice lady on the floor above us who had rescue kittens in need of a home. We fostered them for a couple days to see if either would get along with Waltz, and one did! Hazel and Waltz hit it off immediately, no adjustment period, and they hang out and play happily.

Hazel also likes to chase things on the computer screen, especially when I’m playing Guildwars 2, but the mouse is her favorite. Gotta catch the little pointer thing!

Behold my new kitten. Such majesty, such grace. She’s a dork. Hazel chirps and squeaks and begs for pets on a regular basis. She also comes running whenever I start to sing, even if she’s napping.

Waltz remains as adorable and handsome as ever, and is very happy to have a friend. He was getting lonely before.

I also started updating my web comic! I’m plugging along writing the script and drawing pages. It’s exciting! I’ll tell you all about it soon, probably in my next post. I’ve got lots to tell you! Life, moving, Canada, comic, my cosplay & Salt Lake Comic Con 2015. So much! It’s exciting times. I promise I’ll post more now. I won’t promise how often, but expect things to become more regular. 🙂


more snails

This past winter, in February, somehow Gandalf managed to sneak a batch of eggs past me and I had about 23 new additions to my little terrarium.  I fed them lettuce since I had no weeds to go pick leaves from, and I discovered that snails can make noise when they eat.  Check it out!








Hi ya!  It’s time for my long-promised post of baby snail pictures.


First is a picture of Gandalf next to his recently hatched babies and the next batch of eggs for size-ratio reference.


Some baby snails in better light so you can see how transparent they are!


There were a lot of them, and they clustered.


Up closer. Look at his little glassy eye-stalk!


Now a baby by the eggs so you can see how big they got in the two weeks they stayed underground. It took them that long to come out after hatching.


In silhouette, also size reference to my thumb.


They catch the light really well. 🙂


Gandalf peeking around outside of his container.


And hiding from soemthing.


Waltz loves having pet snails. Well, he cares less about the snails and more about the smells the dirt, plants, and the snail poops make. Snails just get a passing sniff, put the rest need to be deeply inhaled and inspected.

There!  All caught up on snail pictures for the moment.  They’ve been spending a lot of time sleeping this winter.  It’s hibernating time, but they still get up every once in a while if there’s food around, and sometimes just to stretch.  I like how low maintenance they are as pets. 🙂

baby snails

So remember how I said that Gandalf laid eggs and that the second batch hatched? Well, they dug themselves out the night of november 6 and explored everywhere they could. Some of them even found holes in the container they could get through and I found four of them sleeping on the outside when I went to give Gandalf fresh water in the morning. I spent a good fifteen minutes taking pictures of them and taping sheer fabric to the outside of the lid to keep them safe and where they belong.

About a week later I released them into the wild and counted them. He had about fifty little children. Two died since the lid crushed them. I had tucked the fabric in the lid and they liked to sleep on it, and no matter how careful I was putting it all back together, it wasn’t careful enough. I kept one baby and named him Radagast so I could watch him grow up.

I have taken away all the eggs he laid since, but he managed to sneak some past me and I found twenty five baby snails in there with him Saturday night. Now I understand why people advise you change out the dirt in the habitat so often.

I took pics of the first batch. I’ll post them some time soon.

happy halloween!

Let’s see, over the last few days I’ve been working hard at work rotoscoping away on a shot that’s due before end of day saturday and making good progress.

Gandalf laid eggs again three nights ago. That’s his third batch since I found him, and his second batch hatched yesterday. They still haven’t dug themselves out yet, but I guess I’ll have baby snails to release in the wild tonight. I don’t think I’ll let Gandalf keep any more of his eggs, seeing as he’s far to happy and I’ll be buried in snails at the rate he’s going.

I made French toast this morning for the guys at work. A couple of the loaves were dyed orange for Halloween and I didn’t realize it until I sliced the loaf open. It was surprising.

And now I should get back to work.

My new pet snail!

My new pet snail!

So I mentioned in my last post that I found a snail to keep as a pet. This is him! His name is Gandalf, but I mostly call him Snail. He loves sunflower leaf stems and petals, some kind of other weed in the dirt yard, taking showers in the sink, and exploring whenever he can get out of his container.