Phew!  Wow.  A month flew by, didn’t it?  Well, it did for me.

I got a freelance VFX compositing job this month and have been working on that along with taking care of friend drama.  I got overwhelmed and behind on everything at home, but at least I still managed to write.  I get to commute on the train to this little job, which gives me a good hour and a half writing time through the day.  Thanks to that I was able to rewrite the first two chapters of my webcomic in my notebook.  It’s so much better this time around!

I also hermited this week and got caught up on all the home stuff, just so you don’t worry about me.  I’m fine now.  🙂

I’ve been slowly getting better at wielding my longsword, and am using the money from this job to start building up my sword fighting equipment, like shinguards, chest padding, and a motorcycle jacket with lots of protective plastic plates.  I’ll have to get a picture of myself in it once it all shows up.  HEMA is turning out to be a more expensive hobby than I expected, but it’s so much fun and well worth it.  Two weeks ago I got a cramp in my right arm from clicking a mouse so much in a position I’m not used to.  While rubbing I noticed I had some muscle mass there.  I then rubbed my left arm and discovered it had less.  I’m getting sword arm.  Now I need to start practicing things left handed to balance myself back out!