Phew!  Wow.  A month flew by, didn’t it?  Well, it did for me.

I got a freelance VFX compositing job this month and have been working on that along with taking care of friend drama.  I got overwhelmed and behind on everything at home, but at least I still managed to write.  I get to commute on the train to this little job, which gives me a good hour and a half writing time through the day.  Thanks to that I was able to rewrite the first two chapters of my webcomic in my notebook.  It’s so much better this time around!

I also hermited this week and got caught up on all the home stuff, just so you don’t worry about me.  I’m fine now.  🙂

I’ve been slowly getting better at wielding my longsword, and am using the money from this job to start building up my sword fighting equipment, like shinguards, chest padding, and a motorcycle jacket with lots of protective plastic plates.  I’ll have to get a picture of myself in it once it all shows up.  HEMA is turning out to be a more expensive hobby than I expected, but it’s so much fun and well worth it.  Two weeks ago I got a cramp in my right arm from clicking a mouse so much in a position I’m not used to.  While rubbing I noticed I had some muscle mass there.  I then rubbed my left arm and discovered it had less.  I’m getting sword arm.  Now I need to start practicing things left handed to balance myself back out!

Springtime Wander

Ok!  Let’s have another review post!  This past spring I wandered around at work and took a bunch of pictures of the flowers and fruit trees.  So many pretty flowers!  Here, I’ll share some with you.  I took this walk on April, 8 2014.


Apple blossoms! I think.


More blossoms.


There’s a bee in this one.


I like the funny shape of this shelf fungus on the tiny branch.


Some cool lichen on a branch. I want to take a picture like this and paint something like a fairy in it sometime.


Baby plants peeking up through the soil.


Sproutling from another angle.


And a pretty purple flower. These are grape hyacinths.

wander at work


I like to wander around at work.  About a month ago the guys were all excited about some baby deer that had been born a couple days before.  I went out to see if they were near, but they’d left.  I did find a snake, though.  And then I proceeded to wander the forest.


Look at the pretty snake! It’s a western terrestrial garter snake.


He held still until I tried to catch him. Then he zipped away.


Something made fluffy seed snow all over.


That tree was the culprit of the fluffy seed snow.


More fluffy seed snow.


One of the cabins on set. I liked how it looked with the wildflowers.


That is one TALL thistle.


Daisy things! Flowers, flowers everywhere.


And on my way wandering back inside I found a deer. She watched me as I wandered by.

I love all the wildlife and nature that surrounds my workplace!  I’m very blessed to have that job.

QWOPing at Work

Today at work the guys discovered the online game QWOP.  Productivity ceased for a good ten minutes.  Everyone gathered around one desk and cheered away as someone tried to move the little guy forward and fell all over the place.  Now they’re all using it as a random distraction and shouting out how far they made it every once in a while.

They are so funny.  🙂  I love them.

lurking kitty


There’s a black long-haired cat hanging around at the motion picture studio.  I’ve run into it a few times while wandering around, although I see the deer more often.  A few weeks ago I managed to get a decent picture.  This kitty likes to hide.  It doesn’t like people, so this is as close as I can get.
IMG_0004And there.  A fitting picture of a black cat for Friday the thirteenth.  😀


fire at work = free time for me

So, March 25th at work we had a fire. It was fun, in my opinion. Not huge or life threatening, but enough that alarms went off and we got kicked outside and could see smoke out on the roof in the front.  No one was injured, and the building was mostly fine by the end.

Now that all ideas of death and destruction are gone, I will tell you the story.

We were working away, I’d just gotten there and was setting up.  The manager walked in and asked why the other girl’s desk was freaking out.  We looked, and the glass jar of potpourri and white Christmas lights was winking on and off.  I thought maybe her lights were going out.  Then the ceiling lights began to flicker.  The guys started to get weirded out and saving their stuff to shut down and unplug in case all the power went out and surged back on.  Then one machine lost power, then another, and they gave up on that.  Some began to leave since it was getting too weird for them.  When they opened the door to our room we started to hear the alarm.  A calm female voice came over the speakers saying, “A fire has been reported in the building.  Please vacate the premises.”  At which, they all came running back to their desks to grab what they thought was important.

I was third out the back door of the building, and we could see smoke near the front.  The guys got all excited and ran around the building to see the fire.  They were hoping to see an electrical box or something arcing, but it was up on the roof inside, so no luck there.

We found it funny to see what everyone had grabbed.  I got my coat, backpack, internet device, and the notes for the shots I’d been working on.  Our manager grabbed his nerd gun.  The VFX lead got his banana out of his lunch box (like, had to open his lunch box to get to the banana and left the lunch box).  Someone thought to grab a haky sack to play with, and the guy who’s been there the longest (like, almost as long as I’ve been alive) brought his throwing knives.

We had fun hanging around and watching the fire truck.  All the guys were trying to get reference videos.  I led one of the girls around the outside sets she hadn’t seen yet, then learned how to throw knives.  I need a lot more practice, but I started managing to hit the log, and got two hits almost in the same place. The fire fighters got it under control and put the little fire out.  It killed power to our part of the building, so we were out of luck the rest of the day work-wise.  However, I didn’t care since that meant a lunch date with my hubby and a free afternoon to do stuff.  I had fun and was productive.

It took a couple days to get the power fixed, but I had a spot in a different room where I could work.  Overall I had an interesting and fun experience.


My victory picture.  I got two of the three knives to hit the log, almost in the same place!

My victory picture. I got two of the three knives to hit the log, almost in the same place!

war wounds

Yesterday I got to play frisbee golf with the guys at work.  It was fun.  We ran around the studio grounds and outside sets throwing frisbees.  Not just any frisbees, disc golf frisbees.  Those have heavy plastic built up at the edges to help them go further, or be better putters, or to lean certain ways.  Kinda cool.

So, five holes in, I took a disc golf frisbee to the arm.  It left a hard welt, and today it’s a bruise with a red line through it.

I also popped my elbow because I’ve never thrown frisbees before except for at one youth activity which was over ten years ago.  I had no idea what I was doing.  😛  That’s okay, I’m learning.  I hope I get to play golf with them again today!  Maybe not get injured this time, though.

They’re painting the blue screen stage at work


If you don’t want to click and make it bigger, the sign reads:
“Ask yourself: should I enter?
1. There is a zombie attack.
2. It’s the Second Coming.
3. Justin Beiber is doing a concert in your office.
4. All other ways to your office have been blocked by riot police.
5. There is a Cyberman or Dalek attack.
6. There is a Sharknado on its way (actual tornadoes do not apply)
If your answers do not match the six answers, then DO NOT ENTER OR PASS THROUGH! Thanks!”

And this is the sign they put on all the doors to keep it safe from interlopers.  It’s been up all week and makes me smile.  🙂

ice cream for breakfast

Showed up at work today and there was Cold Stone ice cream waiting to be eaten. 🙂 One of the guys has a sister who works there and she hooks him up with some pretty good deals (namely letting him take the ice cream they messed up and can’t sell). Tricky thing is none of them are labelled and none are the same flavor, so picking what to eat is a gamble. I lucked out and ended up with a gotta have it size cheesecake flavor. So yummy!

And now the guys are throwing Nerf suction darts around trying to get them to stick to the computer monitors across the room and having a grand time. They’ve even pulled up a target image on their iPads so they can have a unified point system.

stud finder

One of the guys brought a stud finder to work so he could hang something on the wall. Turned out the thing didn’t fit, so it didn’t get hung. However, another guy picked up the stud finder later and discovered that it reacted to human bodies also, especially over the sternum. All the guys nearby thought it was pretty funny and wanted to be identified as a “stud” as well.

Then later they had another paper airplane war.